Frequently Asked Questions


What is Casper?

Casper is a technology platform for local chefs to share meals with others in their local communities.  Users type in their postcode, or enter a cuisine to search for meals or people cooking nearby.  Order a meal to go, or opt in to dine in with your chef.  If you love to cook, or want to make use of some extra time in the kitchen, cook your best dish and share it with others near you.  Casper hopes to connect our communities together through food.


What is a Casper Chef?

Casper lets us meet people and grow relationships with those that live nearby.  A closer community is a safer community.  If you are a stay home mum that likes to cook, share your menu with your neighbours today.  If you hope to one day open your own restaurant, this might be the perfect audience to test your recipes.  Or if you just love to cook and want to meet others around you, start cooking today!


Why buy on Casper?

We believe the sharing economy is a great way to build our communities.  Casper wants to build stronger, safer, happier communities through food.  Casper presents a perpetually changing menu, where you can get to know your local chefs.  If you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to cook, if you’re tired of the same take-aways, want to try some authentic indigenous food from the diverse ethnic background in your community, or maybe just want to make a friend?  Order a meal and dine in with your chef today!


How does it work?

Users can create an account via facebook, gmail, or through the Casper app itself.  Users search via location or cuisine.  Type in your post code to see listings near you, or type in a favourite food (Italian) to see relevant listings.  Click on the listing pin, and follow the prompts to complete an order!  Your meal will be prepared, and you can contact your chef for pick up time.  All payments are processed through the app, so don’t worry about bringing cash, or tipping.  


How do I start cooking?

Food safety and hygiene is a high priority to us.  Casper Chefs are responsible for acquiring relevant food safety certificates to meet their local governments legislation (i.e. Food Safety Supervisor Certificate in NSW).  It is important that Chefs have an in depth knowledge of food safety and hygiene.  To start cooking on Casper, simply take a great photo of your dish (hint: set in ample lighting, with a neutral background), write a short description including ingredients used and any dietary notes to list it online.  Easy!



How do I know its good food?

Casper is an open food sharing marketplace and our Chefs are held accountable for their meals through a rigid review system.  As a chef, you are required to maintain 3.5 stars out of 5 to stay active.  This ensures food is consistently to a high standard.  Each meal has a collection of recent reviews for you to feel confident in your Chef.  (Unlike traditional food establishments which may get reviewed only once a year, Casper Chefs are reviewed every time they share a dish.)


Is there a delivery service?

We are working on a delivery service, and hope to launch this operation at a later release.  Remember, the more people cooking and eating together, the more likely we can validate deliveries and convenience.


Can someone else make my delivery instead?

Yes, that’s a good idea! You can choose your own provider for any delivery means.  While we are working on a delivery system for all Casper Chefs, we need to grow our user base large enough to validate the operation. We recommend you factor this fee in your own listing.  Having a delivery system in a large area may greatly scale your following of other Casper patrons.  Keep in mind however, delivery problems can lead to bad reviews for you, so it’s important you can maintain punctuality.


How can I help grow my user volume?

Want to get more patrons to try your cooking?  Or want more chefs to add to your menu?  Let us know on our homepage under “Spread the Word”, and we will help you market Casper with a box of flyers!


Is this legal?
Casper is a platform for chefs to share their recipes with their community; the dishes on Casper are not publicly available - we are a private community of users, and meals are only available through our app. By using our app, our users agree to our Terms and our Meal Supplier Contract on Casper prior to interacting with our chefs or ordering any meals.  Casper Chefs nominate a 'price' or 'donation' for supplying their meals on Casper.  Additionally, what defines Us as a private community is our selection process for who can cook and share meals on the platform  The core purpose of sharing meals through Casper is to private social and edible sustenance to Casper users.

Additionally, legality depends on what is being made and where it is being made. Many local councils allow for a wide variety of foods to be prepared in private-home kitchens.  Shared commercial kitchen spaces are also available for use. Depending on what is being made and where it is being made, there could be many options for food preparation.  It’s important to note that we are not a food producer but rather a technology platform connecting chefs to consumers.


Do I need to cook in a commercial kitchen?
That depends on what you are making and the suitability of your kitchen to your local governments food and safety laws. Casper is purely a marketplace and technology platform connecting chefs with local consumers.


How do I manage my dishes as a Casper Chef?
We encourage you to post your best dishes on Casper.  Many buyers will order meals within an hour of their desired eating times, so Casper Chefs must have a system in place to achieve potential demand. 


How do I join?
Simply download the free app on IOS or Android and sign up!


How quickly can I get my food? 
We encourage Casper Chefs to have meals ready within an hour of receiving an order.  That beats making a stop at a grocery store, looking up a recipe, and preparing your dish from scratch!

What if you want to cancel an order?
There are a lot of food options around, and none more diverse and interesting as those being cooked around you.  We understand if you make a mistake with an order, and need to cancel.  We must point out however, that Casper Chefs allocate time to preparing each of their meals.  Casper will refund any meal in full within a 10 minute grace period of making the order.


What if I don’t like the food?
Once an order is placed, we open the communication links between chef and buyer.  Buyers can write a review about a chef to help other members in the community make informed decisions.

If you are completely unsatisfied, we do want to hear from you.  E-mail us at support@chefcasper.com with your concern and we’ll get in touch with the Chef personally. 


What if the Chef doesn’t provide the food as promised?
If you find the meal you receive is significantly not as advertised, you should let us know. We will conduct a review of the Chef and investigate their selling and review history.  We will issue a full refund and the Chef may be removed from the platform.


How does a Buyer report abuse?
Your safety is a high priority to us.  If you experience misconduct or any behaviour that breaches of Terms on Casper, please write to us at support@chefcasper.com.


Is my payment secure?
We use a third-party payment system specializing in providing services for a platform like Casper.  You are ensured bank-level security of all data and privacy laws.


What packaging should Chefs use?
We want to leave food packaging open to Casper Chefs – this will depend on what dish is being shared; we only specify that each meal is packaged and served safely.  In general, food containers that are similar to what is provided by reputable dining establishments are recommended. 


Can commercial retailers use Casper?

Yes!  If you are a caterer, restaurant, food truck or similar entity, we encourage you to use our service to reach a greater audience of patrons.  Menus are unlimited, so list all the dishes you want and see how big you can grow your following.


How do taxes work?
Casper Chefs are classified as ‘contractors’ to our business.  You are responsible for paying any relevant sales taxes or income taxes from your proceeds. Casper sends an annual sales report for each Casper Chef from our payment system for you to determine if you owe any taxes. We recommend you contact a tax professional to help determine your tax liability.


How do I contact Chefs who I buy from?
Once a meal is purchased, the purchaser can contact the Chef to coordinate receipt of the meal.


How am I paid?

Casper will send you a weekly pay advice via Paypal, noting earnings for the week. 


What if I get an unfair / negative review?
The integrity of our review system relies on honesty and transparency of our users.  Unless a review violates our code of conduct, we do not filter what gets posted about a Casper Chef.

Reviews will appear by your name in your user profile, and can be seen when a potential buyer sees one of your listings.